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30 Dec 2018
Banking Bits and Bytes with Brendan Thumbnail

Banking Bits & Bytes with Brendan Video Series

Banking Bits & Bytes with Brendan is a quirky online series that I’m working on. I like to think of it as Bill Nye for the IT guys who work at community banks. Each episode takes on a lesson format and delivers 1 part educational value and 1 part dementia.

I was a one-man production team for this series. I handled the main shoot, where I set up the lighting, worked both cameras, and captured audio. Afterwards, I processed the footage, organized the lessons, and edited each episode. I also created the awareness materials to promote the series.

That’s just a teaser above, although the episodes are also fairly short. Click here to watch the available lessons.

16 Jun 2017
Old Scout Anti-Ransomware Video Thumbnail

Anti-Ransomware Promotional Video

This is a promotional video that I edited for Scout™ Anti-Ransomware, a piece of security alerting software from Safe Systems. Subtle aspects of the video, such as the text’s appearance and behavior, were designed to have a seedy hacker aesthetic.