Classic City Rollergirls

Classic City Rollergirls

What’s better than badass women on roller skates? Being married to one of them.

Naturally, I was happy to help out Athens Georgia’s professional roller derby team, the Classic City Rollergirls, with their promotions. Here are a few examples:


2020 Poster for the Classic City Rollergirls Green vs. Black Bout

Bar Coasters

2020 Schedule Coaster for the Classic City Rollergirls

Social Media Image

Percentage Night Promo

There were only loose brand guidelines, so I referenced existing materials to guide my hand: the logo, team colors, and previous poster designs accessed from the Classic City Rollergirls Archive.

Oddly enough, I had to be careful with the “punk rock” aesthetic that many associate with roller derby, as it is becoming phased out. Since the sport is leaving its adolescence, many teams are opting for a more “pro sports” aesthetic to establish themselves among other professional leagues.