How to Record with the Tascam 424 MKII Portastudio

Tascam MKII Portastudio Confusing

How to Record with the Tascam 424 MKII Portastudio

So, you’ve scored a Tascam AM 424 MKII Portastudio — a sweet analog 4-track cassette recorder — but you cannot figure out how to use it.

There is a good chance you have already found the user manual online. If you are like me, it was too convoluted to be useful. After scouring multiple forums and YouTube videos, I finally figured out how to use it. Still, I was worried that I would forget everything and have to search for it all again.

That is why I designed this cheat sheet. Since the interface is not particularly linear, I numbered each step of the process. It works much like a flowchart. I included helpful tips and even a color legend to differentiate between your inputs, outputs, and volume controls. Once you have mastered recording with it, I also have pages for Playback, Bouncing Tracks, and Mixdown.

No, you don’t have to sign up for anything. It’s free. I just wanted to share this, after having so much trouble with it myself. If you ever need a custom infographic like this, just reach out to me. I am a designer based out of Atlanta, GA, and I also do illustrations, animations, logos, and websites.